Best Retirement Places

Essential Requirements before Relocating

The best retirement places will ultimately depend on what works for you. Your ideal spot may be a world away from what your best buddy is searching for. No one can guarantee that if you, "Retire in Arizona” or “Retire in the Dominican Republic” you will pull off all your retirement wishes. There are pros and cons to retiring anywhere and it is up to you to decide what is a pro and what is a con.

The following is a list of preferences to keep an eye on before making a decision regarding relocation. These preferences are essential and will vary from one person to another, depending on desires and earnings. Your idea of the best retirement places will vary, perhaps greatly from someone else, including mine. (Unless you love to travel and write. Then our preferences will hover closer together).

There is no wrong answer. It is just an individual one. Whether you decide to retire in the Dominican Republic, in Arizona or anywhere else, this list will guide you towards your ultimate goal. It gives you a diving board of what to look out for before making a final decision. It is a sort of best retirement places requirements for living the dream.

The only differences may be in placement of your preferences. Give yourself all the retirement help you can with this list. What you consider to be Number One, may be my Number Four. With these suggestions in mind, rearrange the list to your liking. Make it your own. Copy and paste the list below and resave it as a Word Document. You can then mix and match the list below to your heart’s content.

Housing and Transportation Costs are among the most important as far as expenses goes. Perhaps you have no desire to relocate across the ocean. Or you may have adventurous soul, cooped up by too many years working for the man and now want to spread your wings. If that is the case, then distance from an International Airport would be high up on your list.

Achieve your goals by knowing what to look for. Plan ahead. Make lists of your own. Research all the retirement help you can find and keep detailed notes. Upload it to your computer so you always have a copy handy.

List of Preferences

•    Housing Costs and Local Taxing
•    Transportation Costs
•    Seasonal Temperatures
•    Willingness to Relocate
•    Choices for Leisure Activities
•    Opportunities for Part-Time Work
•    Proximity to Medical Facilities and/or Family
•    Dependability of Roads
•    Safety Considerations
•    Distance from an International Airport
•    Accessibility of Western Supplies (if retiring overseas)

These preferences are essential and can vary greatly from one person to another, depending on desires and earnings.

Resave it as a Word Document. You now have a copy of essential requirements for getting an idea of your best retirement places. Rearrange the list below to your hearts content. (Always remember to save any changes you make).

Seeing the above points on paper makes it clearer and easier to choose. Are you a nature lover or would you prefer to be in the center of town? Keep asking yourself if you desire an urban retirement or rural retirement, especially when considering the purchase of property.

Ask yourself the aforementioned questions before deciding on what you believe to be your best retirement places. Armed with answers and the knowledge of what to search for, you can make an informed decision that will truly turn your golden years into a retirement paradise.

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