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Cheap Travel Abroad

Cheap travel abroad is not synonymous with inferior conditions. It's about getting more for your money. Like low-cost air fare, affordable lodging and inexpensive meals.

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Establishing Residency and Resolving Citizenship Issues Overseas

When establishing residency overseas, which should you become? A tourist, a temporary resident or a permanent resident? Weigh your options first before deciding where to retire.

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How to Become a Writer

How to become a writer is not as difficult as you may think. Creative writers are in demand. So if you want to learn how to write great fiction and nonfiction...

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Becoming a Travel Writer

Get paid to go on vacation. Becoming a travel writer means going places others only dream of visiting for free.

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Backpack Through Europe

You can backpack through Europe on a shoestring budget. Savor the sensuous coast of Italy and the vibrancy of Paris with enough money to come back and see some more.

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Visiting Belize

Know your requirements before visiting Belize. Most European Countries, Caribbean Islands, as well as the United States do not require a visa when traveling to Belize for less than 30 days.

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Best Retirement Places

Search through the best retirement places requirements before relocating anywhere.

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Tax Friendly States

Certain tax friendly states are better for you than others. Especially when searching for affordable places to retire.

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Cheapest Places to Retire

To find the cheapest places to retire, search in smaller towns as opposed to larger cities. The closer you get to a large metropolis, the higher the prices...

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How to Retire in Chile

Chile is a magical place full of contrasts. Retire in Chile and discover a high quality of life for less...Including white sandy beaches and a breathtaking view of the mountains...

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