How to Become a Writer

Tips for Writing Great Fiction and Nonfiction

How to become a writer is not as difficult as you may think.

With a good dose of passion and persistence you can make money writing for a living.

Creative writers are in demand. So if you want to learn how to become a writer, follow these tried and true tips.

Tips on How to Become a Writer

  1. If you are only in it for the money, you will not get very far. And that's the honest truth. Write with passion. Write what you like to write. The money comes later.
  2. Read good books. Pay attention to how these authors write. How do they pull you in? How do they structure their words and sentences?
  3. Read every single day. Period. Knowing how to become a writer means reading on a regular basis. It also means you must love the hours spent alone infront of a computer screen.
  4. Take a notebook and pen with you wherever you go. If an idea strikes you, write it down...No matter how dumb it may seem at the time. Get into the habit of writing down your thoughts.
  5. Use your vacations as writing opportunities. Write down EVERYTHING. Take advantage of cheap travel abroad or European travel tips to save money. The opportunities and inspiration for writing are infinite.
  6. Develop good language skills if you don’t already have them. This is essential to becoming a good writer. Grammar is as important as well as practicing the ability to put your thoughts on paper (or laptop).
  7. Read your writing out loud. You want it to flow. And this is a great way to find out if it does.
  8. Continue learning. Writing about many different topics is essential for becoming a writer. You want your thoughts to come to you without spending most of your time researching.
  9. Know your writing options. And there are many. These include technical writing, grant writing, writing for magazines or newspapers. You can concentrate on various fields such as legal, medical, or creative. Or you can specialize in copy writing. This is very lucrative since it involves writing to market anything.
  10. Develop a thick skin. This is a fundamental step in learning how to become a writer. Taking criticism is part of the program. Use it to your advantage. You will end up improving your writing.
  11. Keep writing. Every day. Practice, practice, practice.

Writing for a Living

Writing for a Living
Opportunities abound. From becoming a freelance writer for magazines and writing a romance novel. There are many avenues from which to choose.

Becoming a Freelance Writer
A freelance writer has the opportunity to make serious money. Begin by publishing articles in online publishing sites. Or start a blog. Then pitch your ideas to magazines, websites, and even other blogs.

Writing a Romance Novel
Even though you are writing fiction...stay true to reality as much as possible. When writing a romance novel research details. Do this before you create your first page.

Becoming a travel writer
Pack a few essentials and head out to the best places to live and play. Then write about it. Every day, people like you are doing just that. And making money.

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Apply these strategies for becoming a writer. Opportunities abound if you dream of writing for a living.

Above all practice, practice, practice.

What better way to make money than by doing what you love?

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"A year from now, you'll wish you had started today."
~B.C. Forbes

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