Writing for a Living

Writing for a living is a rewarding endeavor. And it can be lucrative if you know where and how to publish. First, find out what you enjoy writing. Do you love writing fiction or nonfiction? Is blogging what gets your heart pumping? Or are you thinking of creating a website?

Writing on a Lapto

No matter what you decide, realize that having an online presence increases your chances for success. Writing is a business. You may love the craft, but if you plan to make money as well, you need to look at it as a business.

Publishing has forever changed due to the internet and the rising sale of eBooks. It has opened up doors for all of us who are writing for a living that were not there before.

If you want to be successful in your writing career, you must know how to format your own eBook or pay someone for the service. And you can format your own eBook. If you know how to email and download content from the internet, you can format your own eBook.

The fact is there are loads of opportunities to fulfill your passion for writing. And make no mistake, it has to be a passion. Let's face it...if you dream of writing for a living, you must love it.

The Reality of Writing

Writing can be a lonely existence for many. You must realize that you will be alone for hours if you want to get anything accomplished. I have always written, in one form or another, all my life. Whether it was childhood stories, journals, fiction and nonfiction books, blogs, website creation, I have always gravitated toward putting my thoughts on paper (err...laptop, tablet).

The fact is, I love writing. And I have found a way to make money from it as well. Believe me, if I can do this, so can you. Age has nothing to do with anything. It is just a number.

Becoming an Infoprenuer

One option is to write for online magazines or websites. They pay you by your output, not by the amount of hours you put in. Even in the regular office environment, the need for information specialists (those who write content for a website) are growing more and more every day. In some instances you can work from home, although the majority want to start you off in the office.

If you want to make your own hours, then you must market yourself to these online agencies. Get a profile together, with any writing examples you may have and email it to them. Make sure to create a professional-looking cover letter introducing yourself and what you know how to do.

E Books and The Regular Publishing Route

The reality is that mainstream publishing has taken a beating. And will continue to do so with the advent of tablets and e-readers. These gadgets are becoming more and more popular. People are now able to download hundreds of books on one tablet and pay a lot less.

Now, anyone that has something to say, can do so and publish online through channels such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Google, and Smashwords. And many folks are doing just that.

It is, by far, the best time to be writing for a living right. This is the moment to ride the seismic changes that are taking place in publishing history.

The truth is more ebooks are sold than print books. And the number is rising. Ebook reading has become centerpiece in most hand-held devices such as E-Readers, Tablets and even iPhones.

And that means more opportunities for you to make writing for a living a career.

How to Self Publish

Self Publishing is not what it used to be. Before, you had to send countless copies to editors and agents, hoping to be noticed. With ebooks selling more than hardcovers or paperbacks you can now publish what you want, when you want, how you want. And make about 75% profit out of each sale. Knowing the basics makes your efforts easier and profitable.

How to Become a Freelance Writer

How to Become a Writer
Becoming a writer starts with the love of books. Start by reading the good ones. Pay attention to how these authors write. How do they pull you in? How do they structure their words and sentences?

Writing a Romance Novel
Even though you are writing fiction...stay true to reality as much as possible. When writing a romance novel research details. Do this before you create your first page.

Becoming a Freelance Writer
A freelance writer has the opportunity to make serious money. Begin by publishing articles in online publishing sites. Or start a blog. Then pitch your ideas to magazines, websites, and even other blogs.

Becoming a travel writer
Pack a few essentials and head out to the best places to live and play. Then write about it. Every day, people like you are doing just that. And making money.

Readers Make the Best Writers Beside the love of writing, is the love of reading. The two go hand in hand. To write, you must read. And plenty of it. You should be reading everything from the classics to what's selling like hotcakes right now.

Your job is to study these writers and how they present their stories, fiction or nonfiction. Whether you want to write a romance novel or create a weekly newsletter on a blog, you should be reading.

The regular publishing route is no longer your only option...

You also have the internet...with billions of people ready to read your work at your fingertips.

How about making money through grant writing or technical writing? Perhaps you prefer creative writing or writing sales copy for an online company. It is all up to you.

Of course, good language skills make it much easier to write for a living.

If you are self-reliant you are one of the lucky ones. But most of us still need to come up with cash to pay our bills.

What better existence than to write for a living?

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Discover what avenue best fits your talents. And whatever path you choose, consider the Web. Always.

Remember that online readers scan as opposed to a regular book. So write accordingly.

Writing for a living has become a viable option. So much more than years before. So take advantage and set your own schedule.

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"A year from now, you'll wish you had started today."
~B.C. Forbes

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