Writing a Romance Novel

Dreaming of writing a romance novel?

And getting paid for it?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

More avenues for writing romance fiction exist now than ever before. Thanks to online options for self-publishing. Of course, your novel still has to be good.

Follow these steps to create unforgettable story plots.

Planning A Novel

  • This is your groundwork. The research. Know it inside and out. Get in touch with the setting of your story.
  • Stay true to reality as much as you can. Even though you are writing fiction.
  • Take your notebook and pen everywhere. Write down your ideas. Whatever they are.
  • Writing about someone in particular? Like a fireman or reporter? Interview one.
  • Ask them what they do on a daily basis. What they eat. How many hours they work. Your story will be much more believable if it is grounded in reality.

Create character outlines

When writing a romance novel, build a brief outline. One for your hero and one for your heroine.

Write down what best describes them. Whether they are adventurous, brave, optimistic or passionate. Know your characters. Romance novels are character driven. So make them memorable.

How to Structure Your Story

Research details. Know your setting in history. Know your hero's fears and passions. You want to write from a point of knowledge.

Do this before you create your first page.

Get your ideas on paper. Even if those ideas lack sense. At this point you want to get the bare bones of your story down.

Building a Three Act Structure

Create three basic acts. A beginning, a middle, and an ending. Make them brief. This gives you a clear idea of where your novel is going...

  1. Beginning: Introduce your main characters and create a conflict. Finally, bring them to a turning point.
  2. Middle: Deepen your characters and complicate the plot. Finish with another turning point.
  3. Ending: Here the situation becomes even tougher. Until you finally resolve everything. With a heart-shattering climax. Remember when writing a romance novel, you want a happy ending.

Create a chapter outline

Summarize each chapter. It helps avoid forgetting important details. Remember to tie up loose ends you initiate early on.

Read your novel to yourself. Aloud. You want your story to flow. This is a great technique when writing a romance novel. Or any novel.

Writing for a Living

Writing for a Living
Opportunities abound. From becoming a freelance writer for magazines and websites...to writing a romance novel. There are many avenues from which to choose.

How to Become a Writer
Becoming a writer starts with the love of books. Start by reading the good ones. Pay attention to how these authors write. How do they pull you in? How do they structure their words and sentences?

Becoming a Freelance Writer
A freelance writer has the opportunity to make serious money. Begin by publishing articles in online publishing sites. Or start a blog. Then pitch your ideas to magazines, websites, and even other blogs.

Becoming a travel writer
Pack a few essentials and head out to the best places to live and play. Then write about it. Every day, people like you are doing just that. And making money.

How to Get a Novel Published

  1. Make a list of small independent publishing houses and literary agencies that fit your genre.
  2. Include a 2-3 paragraph Cover Letter when writing a romance novel.
  3. Tell them who you are.
  4. Summarize your story and plot.
  5. Include a copy of your manuscript.
  6. If you do not hear from them within 30-45 days, keep looking.
  7. If you do hear from an agent or publisher, it's time to call in a lawyer. And break open the champagne.

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When writing a memorable novel, know your characters. Create unforgettable plots by structuring your story.

Summarize your chapters and make sure to read it out loud...Always.

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