Becoming a Freelance Writer

Becoming a freelance writer means you have opportunities to make serious money.

Especially now.

Writing for the internet has opened many doors since it is accessible to practically everyone.

This means the freedom to sell your writing.

Writing For the Internet

You have the potential for capturing a huge audience through the internet. And that is what becoming a freelance writer is all about. Keep yourself open to all the possibilities.

  • Begin by publishing articles in online publishing sites.
  • Or start a blog about something you are passionate about.
  • Now you have published clips. And no longer an amateur.
  • Then pitch your ideas to magazines, websites, or other blogs...
    For money.

Even the most boring subjects can be full of emotion and interest. This is what a good writer does, even nonfiction writers.

Basics For Writing Fiction or Nonfiction

  • Get into the habit of writing every day for at least a few hours. This trains your mind so that writing comes naturally. It is an essential part of becoming a freelance writer.
  • You must also read every day. Choose your favorite authors and get a feel for their style and how they develop their story.
  • Decide who you want to write for. Opportunities are everywhere. They are in magazines, websites and the book market.
  • Always ask for guidelines before submitting any work. Not knowing what they require is a sure way of getting your work deleted.

How to Write For a Living

Writing for a Living
Opportunities abound. You can write for magazines and websites as well as write a fiction or nonfiction novel. There are many avenues from which to choose.

How to Become a Writer
Becoming a writer starts with the love of books. Start by reading the good ones. Pay attention to how these authors write. How do they pull you in? How do they structure their words and sentences?

Writing a Romance Novel
Even though you are writing fiction, stay true to reality as much as possible. When writing a romance novel research details. Do this before you create your first page.

Becoming a Travel Writer
Pack a few essentials and head out to your best places to live and play. Then write about it. Every day, people like you are doing just that and making money.

Becoming an Infopreneur

Becoming an infopreneur means selling information you have created. You can set your own hours and decide how much you want to work. Start-up costs are low and the profits are high.

Writing for Websites

Freelance writers can find many websites with good pay rates. They are published quicker than magazines and have plenty of opportunities for more regular assignments.

Writing for Magazines

Magazines are always looking for submissions of all types and lengths. Check the newest edition of Writers Digest. Prepare a portfolio. And make sure to include examples of your work when submitting.

The Book Market

Selling your ideas to a fiction or non-fiction publisher or agent is tougher than getting into websites or magazines. For both avenues you will need a book proposal. In your proposal, include an introduction and details of your book. And keep trying. Never give up.

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Choose an avenue for your writing, whether it is writing for magazines or writing a fiction novel.

Gaining experience and establishing credentials is the first step to becoming a freelance writer. From there you can sell your writing for profit.

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"A year from now, you'll wish you had started today."
~B.C. Forbes

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