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Mari M. Bermudez is the creator of Your Retirement Paradise...The free online guide for help retiring on a budget at any age. Whether you need specifics about getting ready for retirement or looking to fund the retirement of your dreams, you will find it here.


Mari is the author of several publications on simple budget retirement and has traveled extensively. She searches for the most convenient, stress-free and affordable methods of getting to and from your destination. And also where to go and what to do once you are there. Packing, best times to travel, most affordable times to travel, and what to pack are just a few of the topics covered.

She also covers topics such as retiring overseas providing suggestions for the best places to retire overseas. Resources for European travel show everything from things to do in Europe for free to exchanging currency and tips on being prepared.


An important facet of retirement bliss is to know what you love to do. Finding that one activity that gets your juices flowing and full attention means retiring happy. And priceless.

Finding your passion is essential in retirement. Why not put that extra time into something you enjoy doing? Like sailing or writing or traveling to all those places you dreamed of going?

For Mari, it is writing, travel, and spending time with family. Those are her passions. And now, the ability to self-publish has created avenues for people of all ages and walks of life to write (fiction and nonfiction). That means anyone with a laptop and a willingness to learn can create an income while sitting in their pajamas at home.

Keep checking back for Information regarding simple steps to Self-Publishing.

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