Retire Smart
Strategies for a Secure Retirement

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To retire smart is to retire secure enough to be able to enjoy your years doing what you want...

Whether it is backpacking through Europe in the spring or relaxing in your ocean-front condo in the summer.

You really can retire on your terms by taking the necessary steps.

It's not as tough as you think. But you do have to begin making some changes.

Start with your spending and saving habits...
Follow these simple rules to retire smart and secure enough to reach your goals:

  1. Earn More Than You spend. (Easy, huh?)
  2. Put Away For a Rainy Day. (Even easier.)
  3. Save for Retirement. (Done.)
  4. Invest for Retirement. (Why not?)
  5. Keep your eyes open to every opportunity. (Always.)

Seems so simple doesn't it? Then why aren't more people doing it?

Because we're programmed to buy stuff.

How many hours are you working to pay for all that stuff that ends up in a garage sale? How much of your debt is for things you thought you needed? How are you ever going to retire secure if you continue on a spending frenzy?

Thinking outside the retirement box
Where can you live that your dinero will be enough to retire smart? And not have to bag groceries in those golden years?

It is overseas...
Think about the following: The majority of your expenses including health care, utilities and food are much cheaper abroad. Retiring overseas means your money can now go towards household help and western amenities. Why? Because you can afford to.

But before you get there, you will have to make a few changes. Living near an international airport is a must if you want to visit family on a frequent basis. And many times you may have to learn a new language.

It is all a matter of habit. It takes some getting used to but well worth it in the end. Overseas retirement can be exciting for some and terrifying for others. Where do you fit in?

Where to Retire
Where is your sweet spot to spend those golden years? Is it near the grandkids? Or is it swining on a hammock, watching the sun set over the ocean? How about both?

Affordable Retirement in the United States

Cheapest Places to Retire
Frugal retirement means knowing how to live a comfortable life on less. Finding the cheapest places to retire by searching in smaller towns. The closer to a large metropolis, the higher the cost.

Tax Friendly States
Some states are more affordable than others. Several do not tax social security. Other states have no income tax. Find out which tax friendly states are more beneficial for you.

Frugal Living
If you have been saving for retirement, you are probably wondering how fir it will go. Use these tips for a frugal retirement and increase your chances to retire smart. Frugal living is not synonymous with a shoddy existence. It is about using simple techniques to ensure a secure retirement.

Affordable Retirement Overseas

Health Care Overseas
A doctor's visit in most places outside the U.S. will cost you less than $25. A day at the hospital is under $75.

The best way to take advantage of this is to use an international carrier for health care overseas with a high deductible in actual emergencies and pay out of pocket for regular occurrences.

Establishing Residency Overseas
Even if you establish residency overseas you continue to be a citizen of your own country. Even if you are no longer a resident there.

It doesn't have to be one or all. Many baby boomers are living part of the year near family and friends back home...and the other half of the year is for enjoying the ski slopes in Chile or the sunsets in Venice.

Cheap Places to Retire Overseas
You will discover you can retire comfortably on less than $1500 a month abroad. If you are on a really tight budget, retiring overseas may be your best option. And even if you are not a budget.

By looking overseas the number of cheap places to retire increase, giving you more options.

How to Stop the Spending Spiral

Constant spending is a habit, whether you realize it or not. And marketing ads target the average homeowner to perfection.

Earn more than you spend. Sounds so simple. But how many of us actually do that? If we get a raise or a bonus, what to do we do? Why buy that new big screen TV, of course! And therein lies our downfall. It is a downward spiral that takes some effort to get out of. But the benefits are nothing short of amazing.

Credit cards are way too easy to use. You really needed another shirt...another appliance...another candle. Except you end up paying for what you bought plus interest. Over and over.

Here are a few key points to retire smart:

  • Making more money does not mean you will save more. It is a motivation to spend more.
  • Most high income-producing individuals live in high-end neighborhoods and drive luxury cars.
  • They are also deeper in debt than lower income producing individuals.

Put Away for a Rainy Day

Do you have a little crazy money socked away in case of an emergency? If you are unable to work for three months, can you live off your savings? Or will you get deeper into debt?

To retire secure is to save enough money to fund your retirement. And the only way to save money AND get out of debt is with a retirement plan you can stick to. Especially if you want to retire early.

Saving For Retirement

Piggy Bank

What do you collect? Stuff or Capital?

Capital is synonymous with wealth. Stuff fills the spaces in your house. It grows.

Then you have a garage sale to get rid of this stuff...and make room for more stuff.

Accumuluating Wealth

  • Wealth fills the spaces in your savings. It also grows. But you don’t have to get rid of it to make room for more.
  • Saving for retirement and investing is the road to accumulating capital.
    And wealth.
  • If you want to retire smart, you must make a choice. To either acquire stuff or acquire capital.

Retirement Planning Tips

Find out how you can still take control of your retirement. Even without an IRA or 401K. Use these easy-to-follow retirement planning tips to retire secure.

Investing For Retirement

This is the part where you sock money away and leave it there for a bit; in savings accounts, certificates of deposit, stocks, real estate. Just remember, the higher the rate of return, the higher the risk. So go with your gut.

Investing overseas is a another option, depending on the location. You can find cheap ocean-front property in prime locations for peanuts. But must know where to look in order to retire smart and with money left over.

Paying Taxes Overseas
If you receive a social security check, you must file a tax return whether you retire overseas or across the street. Do you still have to pay taxes then? Maybe not. It all depends on your adjusted gross income.

Choosing a Retirement Location
Deciding where to pack your luggage for a while takes a wee bit of planning. You could always wing it, but are you willing to live with the result?

When choosing a retirement location create detailed budgets for your cities. Be sure the climate is one you can live with.

If you take control of your spending and saving habits you will become a hoarder of wealth instead of a hoarder of stuff.

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Go for those wishes. Make sure the decision of when to retire is your choice.

The ability to retire smart is at your fingertips. Incorporate these simple strategies in your life to create the retirement you deserve.

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"A year from now, you'll wish you had started today."
~B.C. Forbes

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