Diet and Arthritis

Tips for a Pain-Free Retirement

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Diet and arthritis affects your quality of life. No doubt about it. And that includes your retirement years. Is there something you can you do to avoid continuous painful joints?

Without a doubt. Below are some of the best natural remedies for arthritis.

Natural Remedies for Arthritis

The most effective way to significantly reduce arthritis pain is by changing your eating habits. You can stock up on prescription meds and become a slave to constantly popping pills...but natural remedies for arthritis is your best option.

This method has no side effects, other than a healthy improvement. But you must be willing to make a few changes in your diet.

Medications versus Healthy Arthritis Alternatives

By switching to certain foods you will drastically reduce pain and decreasing toxins and increasing your antioxidants. Stick with a natural diet for arthritis, incorporate exercise and you can eliminate arthritis pain.

Medications may help reduce inflammation. But there are side effects. Including upset stomach, gastrointestinal bleeding and kidney problems are just some of the difficulties you will encounter. The most serious side effect of certain pain medication for arthritis is lymphoma--which is cancer of your lymph nodes.

If you are serious about eliminating pain without increasing dangerous side effects, you must be willing to make changes. Start by making healthy choices in your diet. Once you feel the difference, you will never go back to your old eating habits.

Connection between Diet and Arthritis

The foods you eat affect many different types of arthritis. The wrong foods will also influence your weight. And weight gain puts undue pressure on your joints.

Toxins accumulate in various parts of your body thanks to the amount of chemicals we ingest. Over time these toxins cause pain and swelling. The older you get, the more toxins build up. Especially if you’ve lived a life eating processed foods high in fat and low in fiber and vitamins.

Follow these natural remedies for arthritis to improve your quality of life…

Diet for Arthritis

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Healthy Food Choices

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. They are naturally high in fiber. And help send your toxins packing.
  • Keep in mind some vegetables and fruits are better than others when it comes to arthritis relief.
  • Fruits and veggies that are yellow and orange are high in vitamin A. These will aid your immune system to jumpstart the reduction of pain.
  • Vitamin A is also crucial for bone function as well. Which is essential as we age.
  • Apricots, cantaloupe, grapefruit, mangoes, oranges, carrots, and winter squash are good starters.
  • A glass of fresh squeezed orange juice a day is a tasty way to get a good dose of vitamin A.
  • Eat whole grains such as multi-grain and rye breads, oatmeal and quinoa. They are high in fiber and vitamin E which is a good antioxidant.
  • Add more fish to your diet. At least three times a week.
  • Minimize your intake of red meat and pork. Stick to lean cuts of chicken and turkey.
  • Drink natural vegetable juices that are easily digestible such as carrots and cucumbers.
  • Switch to rice milk or almond milk which is a good source of calcium. Avoid dairy. Humans are not built to ingest cow's milk. This is why most of us become lactose intolerant the older we get.

Incorporate these alternative remedies for arthritis in your diet. Detoxify your body and keep it running smoothly. And always read the back labels of anything you eat.

Supplements to Include in Your Diet
Glucosamine with Chondroitin improves joint function. Fish oils are an important source of Omega 3 fatty acids and great antioxidants.

Diet and Arthritis: Which Foods to Avoid

  • Saturated fats, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, rich fatty foods, fried foods, and refined sugars are the worst products to eat when it comes to your diet and arthritis.
  • Decrease the amount of processed foods--from fast foods to packaged foods to junk foods. They are high in additives and preservatives. Most of which are full of harmful toxic chemicals.
  • Avoid fatty meats and shortening.
  • Be aware of what you put in your mouth. It is a crucial link between diet and arthritis. Read the back label. If you cannot pronounce what’s in it, you shouldn’t be putting it in your mouth. Opt for the real thing instead.
  • Eliminate dairy, sugar, caffeine, and wheat. These ingredients play havoc on your joints. Switch to whole grains and gluten-free products. And use honey as a sweetener. Make sure to taper off caffeine slowly to avoid headaches and other withdrawal symptoms.

Proper Hydration
Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day helps to release toxins and controls constipation--which also aggravates arthritic symptoms. Drinking plenty of water decreases the amount of pain in your joints. It is also essential in weight reduction. Regular intake of fluids also aids in the proper functioning of all major body organs...

The best way to make sure you are drinking the recommended dosage is to measure the amount you drink. Unless you do, you are only guessing.

Alternative Remedies for Arthritis

Exercise and Arthritis
Along with diet and arthritis, the benefits of exercise for arthritis are countless. From improved joint function to a better quality of life. If you are in pain, you may be reluctant to start an exercise program. But it is essential if you want to feel better. The less you move, the stiffer your joints get. And the more pain you will be in.

Yoga and Arthritis
One of the best known exercises encompassing a wide range of benefits is yoga. It increases strength, flexibility and energy, decreasing body aches and pain. The more you do it, the better you feel. Yoga is one of the best exercises you can do for dealing with arthritis. It also improves your breathing capacity and calms the nerves.

Detoxify your body and keep it running smoothly. Incorporate these healthy alternatives and within a few months you will notice the difference in how you feel.

Fruits and Vegetables

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Make healthy changes in your lifestyle. It will greatly improve your arthritic symptoms. And in many cases, eliminate pain and stiffness altogether.

Knowing the importance of diet and arthritis will improve your quality of life. Be patient and understand you did not get arthritis overnight. Relief will come with consistency and being gentle with your body.

You will lose weight and eliminate toxins, feeling and looking better than you ever thought possible.

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"A year from now, you'll wish you had started today."
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