Public Holidays in Italy

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Public Holidays in Italy are enthusiastically celebrated throughout the country. They are a mixture of traditional religious, national & regional festas (festivals).

Passionate celebrations are something to behold and are an important part of living in Italy. Make time to enjoy these moments during your travels if you can.

Be aware that many businesses may close during public holidays in Italy to enjoy the festivities.

Climate in Italy
The climate in Italy is a dream come true for travelers and retirees alike. Sunlight graces most parts of the country nearly 300 days a year. Winters are mild and summers are temperate, making the decision to live or retire in Italy a healthy one. Learn more about the climate in different parts of Italy here.

Retire in Italy
Would you retire in Italy? Can you imagine living in the land of olive groves and terracota roofs? Living in Italy is not as expensive as you think. By searching in smaller towns and cities, you will discover affordable living arrangements within a short train ride to most metropolitan areas. Find out more about retiring in Italy here.

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The culture of Italy influences every aspect of life in Italy...From their majestic art and geography, to their mouth-watering foods. Passion is usually evident wherever Italians gather and live "La Dolce Vita".

Italians are very religious. And it shows in the vibrancy of their festivals. They also know the meaning of a good party. Everywhere you look, whether in the public areas of piazzas or within the walls of private villas, celebration is a constant reminder of their zest for life.

Italian Festivals
Italian Festivals are as varied as the landscape. Watch testosterone-induced combatants donned in period costume in Florence as well as the tender religious holidays of Pasqua in Sicily. Find out which dates you want to enjoy (or avoid) here.

Cheap Travel Abroad
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Public Holidays in Italy

between January and June

January 1st New Year's Day
January 6th Epiphany
Sunday in March or April Easter
Monday following Easter Easter Monday
April 25th Liberation
May 1st Labor Day
Sunday nearest June 2nd Anniversary of the Republic
June 29th Feast Day of St. Peter

Regions of Italy
Italy is made up of 20 regions--From the cooler areas of the Po Valley in the north to the sultry Mediterranean spots of the south. If you want to experience Italian holidays, you will need to locate their regions. Find them all here.

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Public Holidays in Italy

between August and December

August 15th Assumption
November 1st All Saints' Day
December 8th Feast of the Immaculate Conception
December 25th Christmas Day
December 26th St. Stephen's Day

The Permanent Tourist
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Backpack through Europe
Backpacking is one of the most rewarding and affordable ways to make your own memories. Be open and flexible. Seasoned travelers who backpack through Europe on a regular basis know this well. Sometimes destination opportunities present themselves and you must be willing to take them.

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Other Italian Holidays
Although the above dates are a list of public holidays in Italy. Keep in mind there are other holidays in Italy that may be celebrated depending on the region.

It is always a good idea to check first with the region and city before heading out.

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